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I paint with Glass !
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Just stuff:


Lanterns are Chelsea's... The rest is choice...

Working on "WHOA ! Mannequin" right now.  She is 5'11" and dressed and undressed to knock your socks off !
She'll be making her debut at the Seattle University District Street Fair May 16 & 17.

She'll sell for apx $5 to $8K.  She still has to be grouted and then cleaned and then sealed,
sealed so she'll live forever !

working on the Talus Rock Retreat Home window:


Click on picture above to see the website with photos of Talus Rock,
the most gorgeous home I have ever seen! A grand work of art!

Article in Sandpoint Magazine Summer 2008


$$$ pricing, custom orders,  and shipping info $$$
I use fine stained glass|art glass for most of my work.  I also use ceramic and glass tiles, china, and other found objects. 
I find a lot of my found objects at thrift stores and garage sales.  I recycle every change I get.
 I gladly accept custom orders and can usually get them done in 2 weeks depending
on the size and time of year.  A very large piece like those shown below, take longer.
My prices vary but basically start at $115 per square foot for the windows.
 How much Dichroic glass, how detailed, and how complex or simple the piece is,
figures into the price.  I would say that apx. $115 ~130 per sq. ft.  is average for my work.  Custom pieces are a little more.
 I ask for close to 1/2 down and the rest when the piece is finished. 
Shipping is paid by the client and I ship UPS unless you have a preference.  I have UPS  wrap and box it and I insure it fully.
I ship from Coeur d'Alene which is an hour from my home - so I don't ship daily. 
You will be very happy with my work, I promise! 


Here are my Windows (3 in all) in the MIX Martini Lounge, Moscow, Idaho


This is a high-end martini lounge and well worth the visit when you are in the area! 
The artistic design of the lounge is superb and there is a huge list of martinis to choose from.
I guess you could say the lounge is designer and so are the martinis.

FINALLY!!!  My dining room floor is done..........I won't be doing another any time soon! 
The woman facing the mountain (the first thumbnail) is from an album cover of Mountain called Climbing! 
They were most known for the song Mississippi Queen.



My biggest project yet ~ 4 foot by 8 foot:

These are custom signs for a local bed and breakfast, which hasn't opened yet.  It's 4 foot by 8 foot. 
It's up the St. Joe River near St. Maries, Idaho.

The 2 signs are similar but not exactly the same because none of my pieces are the same.
Each and every piece is one of a kind!  I will receive royalties for the use of my art once the
Bed and Breakfast opens, as per Maysel, owner and operator.  Maysel is waiting to retire from her career to open it.


above:  Completed  March 21, 2006 *click thumbnails to enlarge*
This sign is 4 foot by 8 foot and is huge!
Once Maysel gets the 2 pieces installed in the permanent signage posts,
I'll get pictures of them in place, along with the Bed and Breakfast and info on it.

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