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I paint with Glass !
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Windows ~ Geometric

Long Geo Window ~ unfinished frame


Trio Geo on OLD window.


Round Geo Table
Mix 4 (2 views)

small table - Geo Squares

Circles 8


The Blues
Shape of Things for MIX
MIX Sneak Peak - Moscow, Idaho - October 7, 2008
This is a new High-End Martini Bar in Moscow and it's
a great place to hang out and sample a vast variety of "martinis".

Old Cupboard Geo
Merging Circles Series

Trio Geo I

Trio Geo II

Leaded Geo II

Geo Mix

Citris Spritz I

Leaded Geo

Citris Splash I

Balloon Festival I
(at Zany Zebra's in Sandpoint)

Trio Geo large I



The Blues


Lime Geo Series

Geo Geo

Carolyn Clark's


Fused bottles


"Circles Duh Soleil"

MegaGeo ~ 4 by 4

Circles duh Soleil II

Calm and Center

Simple Elegance

Celtic Cobalt

Circles duh Soleil- smaller

Old Sanders Church ~ 4 by 4

Indian Braid


Dichroic Coin Collection


Round Geo

"Sun Geo III"

Geo II



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